QGC firmware upgrade cancelled. error message shown twice

I tried to upgrade to a new firmware but it seems to have some sort of a problem.
the upgrade keeps getting cancelled and it automatically changes to the summary screen.

Also, when I unplug the usb cable, it shows “plug in your device via USB to start firmware upgrade” message twice.

  1. I have already tried different USB cables but they all have the same problem.
  2. I am using the new version of pixhawk Cube with the Cube written on top instead of PIXHAWK.
  3. The problem seems to happen on both of my laptops(macbook and XPS)
  4. I am using a custom firmware of our own.

If anyone has an answer or a clue, please help.
There’s a few pixhawk Cubes that are showing the same problem.

Enter a GitHub Issue with details and include a console log with FirmwareUpgradeLog turned on.