QGC Doesn't Call Out Flight Modes Setup in Switch Settings Section

@rollys I think you’ll be better suited to open an issue. I just briefly tested to see what you were saying.

@JulianOes by setting one channel to control (for example) activating manual flight mode, and another channel to activate stabilized flight mode in the flight modes pane. And this is with or in lieu of using the multi mode selector with one channel, qgc doesn’t fall out mode changes. In some instances (iirc) it wasn’t even changing the modes but I only tested it briefly but definitely doesn’t call out the modes this way.

@ryanjAA @JulianOes Thank you for all your help. Hopefully this can be resolved soon and apply it to my v1.8.0dev firmware.

Issue #11657 filed.


No problem. I didn’t do much but out of curiousity, do you plan on moving to 1.9 when in stable? I’ve seen better fw performance with it.

I would consider it but will it auto-start the FrSky Telemetry SYS_COMPANION param? My main interest is in VTOL but getting involved more with FW flying again due to professional piloting opportunities.


You can auto-start in 1.9. All that’s changing is the old format. It’s being deprecated to give yo more granular control over what constitutes what to each port but the functionality is the same. Take a look at the px4 parameter reference page for master (just select master in the top left side of the page). It’s there for frsky telemetry.

Could you please provide me with a link to download the v1.9.0 Beta Master? Doing it through QGC gives me a version that TEL_FRSKY_CONFIG is not available. Normally current v3 master is available from. I can only presume it’s not the master version.


Which autopilot are you using?

I have the Pixhawk 1 v2.4.8


Also use QGC daily or least version 3.50 if on stable.

Cool, thanks. So just for clarification, the master will always be latest including betas?


Yes, I’ve got 3.5.0 and it’s working in it.


Stable, beta and master. Master will be the latest code compiled automatically every day. It will always have the newest code in it. Stable will be the release version and beta will be somewhere in the middle.

Of course always use caution when on master as it’s the newest code out there but when you find a master you’re comfortable with and it’s functionality is as intended, you can start to get a bit more confidence in its features and use etc.

We’ve been using master from around March 4th for some testing we’ve been doing and have countless flights and probably close to 100km of test flights on it in the last week or two. Just get comfortable with whatever version you adopt when not on stable as it won’t have the widespread user-base logging hours on it.