QGC 2.3 iOS log export

How can I get PX4 logs out of the iOS phone or get logs from the SD via wifi (Pixracer) without removing the SD from the fc (vtol without possibility for easily remove the sd / plug usb) ?
All log lines in QGC display 0 at the end

You can’t download vehicle logs using a mobile build. You need to use a desktop build. With Log Download being under the last toolbar button, Analyze.

The QGC desktop build does good telemetry logs that can be replayed, that´s great but the downloaded logs from the fc contain only strange data, like log time 15s flight time above 5 hours and 75% or more of the logs are with size = 0
Is there a plan to do telemetry logs in mobile builds being able to replay them on the desktop.

Telemetry logs (not vehicle logs) can be turned on in newer daily mobile builds. They are off by default on mobile versions.