PX4Flow not giving good position estimates

Hey everyone,

I am having problems with the PX4Flow sensor as I can’t get it to work properly and provide reliable position estimates.

I have a quadrotor with a PX4Flow sensor and TFMini LiDAR onboard.
The PX4Flow sensor is publishing flow data and the TFMini LiDAR is publishing distance data (I confirmed that the distance sensor measurements being published are from the LiDAR and not the SONAR onboard the PX4Flow sensor).

Before flying in Position mode with this configuration, I do a test flight in Stabilized mode in order to check the position estimates’ reliability.
However, the logged position estimates are not at all representing what I did in actual flight.
My flight log is here: https://review.px4.io/plot_app?log=8eb20c2a-9688-426c-a097-bb9d1f46032c
During the flight, I took off, flew forward a couple of meters, then back, then land.
The position estimates are showing large displacements in -X and Y, which is not at all what happened (it may have drifted in Y about ~0.3m, which is also not close to the position estimate in the log).

I see that the quality variable in the flow topic drops to zero, though, and this indicates to me that it is not behaving as it should.

If you have any experience in flying with the PX4Flow sensor for indoor positioning, I would greatly appreciate some help!

Thanks in advance!