PX4Flow Bootloader Question. Hope someone could help me

Dear all,
I have a question about px4flow bootloader. It is sort of high-level question, but I still hope someone could help me with it.
I have a customed stm32F407zet6 system board, and I want to burn px4flow bl into the MCU. I use JTAG and JFLASH that successfully burned it into the chip. However, once I connect my board to QGC on windows, it says unrecoginzed hardware. QGC also has no response, but px4flow module works totally fine with it (recognizable and could upgrade firmware).

My board does not have certain hardware such as eeprom or gyro, but the MCU and USB OTG configuration is exactly the same with px4flow module. So my question is that how I can manage to connect my board to QGC making it recognizable? Does px4flow bl require extra software for connection, such as EEPROM?

review the code of qgc:grin:

Thanks for the suggestion.
But I am not quite familiar with QT, so would you please just directly tell me if EEPROM is a must when connecting QGC?