PX4 uXRCE DDS connection to GCS


When using uXRCE DDS connection within the system, how do people connect the GCS with the Fligjt controller / Companion computer?

Assuming its not using raw MAVLink, is there a way to bridge the DDS connection to a GCS?

E.g. like to a steamdeck in the video below, how are the controls sent to PX4 from the GCS? (I am guessing also it doesnt have QGC like interface?) @AlexKlimaj

Mavlink router is running on the USB connection to the flight controller. DDS is running on a serial port. So you can always access QGC over UDP.

In this demo, there is a ROS node running on the steam deck taking stick input and publishing manual control setpoints over DDS.

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Ahaa gotcha, so keeping the USB connection with standard MAVLink & DDS on a separate serial port. That’s a neat setup!