PX4 Sync / Q&A: May 8, 2024


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Merging the two weekly calls
Starting with the next call on May 15, 2024, we have decided to merge the two weekly calls to streamline our coordination and community duties.

Release Discussion

New Project Board for tracking release

Potential Release Blocker


Looking for help reviewing

How to tune EV Delay? @Rowan_Dempster

BMI088 i2C issues by @slgrobotics

The question is - is it still supported/tested by the team?

I am having hard time making bmi088_i2c driver to work. It is used in CrazyFlie, other platforms use SPI version (which I don’t have).
I use SeedStudio breakboard, very basic, with Raspberry Pi 4 and modified emlid build.
Sensor data comes with some jitter.
The EKF orientation output, as seen in QGC, is slow to react and goes wild when sensor is moved.

Any reason QoS settings are global on the ROS 2 bridge?

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