PX4 running with Navigation2 on Gazebo

I am working on a project to run PX4 multirotor using NAV2 with ROS2. However, I am running into issues with starting NAV2 stack with my 2D Lidar-equipped X500 model. The 2D Lidar sensor is added as a LaserScan topic. I want to get to the stage where the cost map can be displayed on rviz2. The slam_toolbox is working perfectly right now.

I am in the stage of getting it working on Gazebo with sitl. However, it seems like I am not getting any odometry topic from the MicroXRCE DDS Agent (topic is empty). Am I missing something to get a valid odometry topic for the nav2 params?

I am wondering if anyone got NAV2 working with PX4 or if anyone has any suggestions for this?

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