PX4 RTL heading


I have a question about heading during RTL for multirotors. Yesterday i flew a mission which was uploaded using dronecodeSDK. Return to launch at the end of a mission was enabled. The mission completed successfully and the RTL returned the drone to the intended position. However while we expected the yaw remain in the way it was it faced eastwards. We executed multiple missions and the heading of the drone always faced in the same orientation. I was wondering where the heading of the RTL is based on and if it could be controlled? Thanks in advance.

Heading during RTL is generally in the direction that it travels and then back to how it took off when it lands. Is that not what you would expect? The reason is mostly that if you have obstacle avoidance facing forwards you can use the avoidance while returning.

We did several flights under different headings during takeoff. During RTL it was facing eastward for all tests. I looked up the last flewn mission in QGroundControl and noticed there is waypoint called planned home(see screenshot), we’re not sure if it has anything to do with it.


Home should be based on the location plus heading of the vehicle at arming. And that’s where RTL should end up again. Is that not what you’re observing?

Unfortunately not, location seems to be in the right place. Heading is eastwards regardless of the orientation under which it was armed.

That’s odd. What firmware version are you using on the Pixhawk?

We are using 1.9.0dev