PX4 Rover Call: October 24, 2019


  • Julian Oes

Timmy - PR Feedback

Jannick - Velocity Control?

Anyone test offboard velocity control - tested with Gazebo SITL
Commented on Slack that vel control net vs body both seem to use the same reference frame, so the coordinates. ?? Bod

What type mask MavSDK Python - send mavlink messages.
The body frame and the local frame should be handled from the navigator, but need to set the type masks and ignore all the other setpoints.

It ignored yaw. Not being used.
Should another vehicle be used for skid steer vehicle.
Steering is in the mixer and velocity control is in …

Should yaw controller be added on top of velocity controller.
Look at yaw or yaw rate that is included with the same message
Jaeyoung already started this . But using a different. Attitude setpoint for offboard message.
Attitude controller live in side the

Velocity message sends Yaw ana yaw rate.
Set target Attitude message

Maybe it is better to set yaw?

Control code flag changes on the attitude message

IF you use the attitude message you also need to send thrust and attitude together.

Gerald - rover rebooted
- Preflight check fails
- Set SDLOG mode to record from boot.

MavSDK -
-Found bug. Body (Body framework (front, right, down)) vs NED. (North, east, down)