PX4 on STM32F429I Discovery Board


I’m trying to develop PX4 firmware on my STM32F429I Discovery Board. I followed every step on guide but when I type make furkan_target-v1 upload, but stucked.

I think my bootloader is failed. How can I upload a bootloader correctly? My board doesn’t seem on dfu-util --list. I pulled up Boot0 pin to VDD and Boot1 pin(PB2) to GND.

Have you read this?

thank you for your reply. yes, i read and flashed bootloader by using st-flash write px4fmuv2_bl.bin 0x8000000. but the board cannot be seem neither on windows nor ubuntu as a fmu device or another thing. it is only st-link device on both two oses.

I think that this:
" The binaries will be in build/BOARDNAME/BOARDNAME.elf . Two files are built: ELF files for use with JTAG adapters and BIN files for direct onboard upgrading."
means that you can use the IDE to flash the bootloader. It’s not a DFU file.
Like with a Keil eval. if you don’t have an IDE set up.

thank you jimdgit,

i tried flashing bootloader via ide and st-link, but when i look at memory via st-link utility, i cannot see any data on 0x08004000.

Did you erase flash first?
Try to erase it then look then flash and look again. Since erase puts to all ones, after you erase then you should see F’s.