PX4 on Intel Aero Compute Board

Does PX4 run on the Compute Board or the Flight Controller? Since the compute board has an IMU, barometer, and magnetometer can PX4 run on it without the flight controller?

In addition to the IMU built into the flight controller (Intel Aero FC or a third party FC), the Intel Aero Compute Board includes a 6-DOF IMU: BMI 160 sensor. This sensor is connected to the Intel Atom processor via its SPI interface on bus 3 (SPI3) chip select 0 (CS0). It can be accessed via spidev as /dev/spidev3.0. The Aero Compute Board also integrates a magnetometer and a pressure sensor on its I2C.

Have a look here:

The PX4 code runs on the flight controller component.

Thanks. Any thoughts on the second question to whether PX4 can run just on the compute board stand alone?