PX4 kill switch malfunctioning with reversible thrust using SimonK or BLheli


So a little background: I am using the Afro Mini 20A esc with a pixhawk mini and running the latest px4 flight-stack. I have flashed one esc with SimonK reversible firmware by changing the value of RC_PULS_REVERSE and was able to successfully flash the esc.

Now for testing, I enabled the Kill Switch from the transmitter. However, when I enable the kill switch the motor does not stop. Instead it starts spinning the other way (for CCW motor, after the kill switch is enabled the motor starts spinning CW at very high speeds). This behavior is obviously very dangerous for testing. I am assuming that for some reason the kill switch sends a PWM value of 900 is causing the motor to spin in the opposite direction with full speed.

Now I still want to be able to use the kill switch which causes the motors to stop spinning, but changing the PWM values in the parameter list has not helped me. Additionally, I noticed that disarming via the external button also did not work; it caused the motor to spin in the opposite direction. A similar behavior was observed with the BLHeli fw

I was wondering if anyone can help me with this?