PX4 FMU V5 -STM32F765 - firmware error

hello …after updated firmware unable to do any setup… keep beeping and before the firmware update everything was normal and able to fly.

  1. Cannot load PX4 firmware stable version
  2. Only can load dev master firmware

Need help what is the correct firmware to flash…tq

Which Flight controller and which Firmware you are trying to Flash?

hello friend …Pixhawk4 FMU V5 the firmware version Pixhawk4 stable version and also tested ardupilot same problem …I did firmware and select advance update using dev master and its working no error beep …tested firmware update using ardupilot same problem error beeping …for now it works only firmware update dev master …how can i upload the ardupilot so that no error …tq friend

In case you using Ardupilot Firmware you may ask your question here:

hello My pixhawk 4 is firmware version1.12.3 version QGC 3.5.6 now upgrade QGC 4.2 and when upgrade the firmware px4 pro error