PX4 firmware for CUAV V5+

Hello, Good day!
I have a flight controller called Cuav V5+ that has three accelerometer sensors. These three sensors work redundantly and all three are connected to SPI1. In the same way that they are common in MISO, MOSI, and CLK Pins, but they are different in CS Pins. The question that has come to me is how these three sensors are redundant. I read the sensors file in the PX4-Autopilot firmware folder to some extent. But the codes was very complicated and I did not understand much. Do the performance of these three sensors follow the voting logic? I came to the conclusion from studying the logic of triple voting that if all three sensors get the same data, the same data is used as the criterion. If one of the sensors gets a different data, that sensor is blocked and the data of the other two sensors are averaged, and if all three sensors display different numbers, the average is made between the numbers of all three. Is my reasoning correct or is the story more complicated than these words?
Thanks in advance!

@cuhome Maybe a question for you?