PX4 Dev Call: March 03, 2021

March 03, 2021

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  • Ramón Roche (Dronecode Foundation)
  • Igor Misic (Auterion)
  • Jaeyoung Lim (Auterion)
  • Mathieu Bresciani (Auterion)
  • Julian Kent (Auterion)
  • Nuno Marques (Auterion)
  • Roman Bapst (Auterion)
  • Jacob Crabill (Volansi)
  • David Sidrane
  • Serhat Aksun
  • Andrew Wilkins
  • Benjamin Perseghetti
  • Eren Ipek
  • Dan George
  • Bazooka Joe 1900 (@BazookaJoe1900)
  • Zaky
  • muhammed
  • Basti
  • jm
  • mika
  • Dom
  • Sander

Community Q&A

Raise your questions, issues, pull requests or feedback. Feel free to drop comments below, or ping us on Slack.

    by @Igor_Misic
    Introducing MISRA (Motor Industry Software Reliability Association) to PX4.
    It’s a ruleset for C/C++ used e.g. in the automotive industry to prevent common errors by programming style. Igor’s suggestion is to start with just one rule: Have one single return statement at the end of the function (get rid of early returns). We’re not after complete MISRA compliance to give us the label but we’re after rules to ensure clean, readable code.

    We should suggest and add PX4 coding guidelines one by one and enforce them by CI (clang tidy?). Like that, we can improve code quality over time but we should neither aim at full MISRA compliance nor use the term because it will probably cause confusion.

    Links shared on the chat:

  • M.2 CAN shield for companion computers
    @bperseghetti Is looking into 4 CAN-FDs and ethernet on an M.2 PCIe board for a companion computer to get rid of network stack delay.

    @david_s5: Are there off-the-shelf parts that we could employ and use the drivers from. Answer: There are a lot of options and existing shields e.g. in big communities like Arduino users so we should be able to take existing designs and customize them for our use.

    There’s general interest from David, Jacob, Zaky, other interested people drop Benjamin a message on slack to get the further discussion going.

Announcement ROScon 2021

Dronecode will be participating. Looking forward to seeing you at the conference!


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