PX4 Dev Call: December 08, 2021

December 08, 2021

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Community Q&A

  • Patrick wants to move a Servo position from his ROS node through mavros. He has mapped the servo to an RC channel and is using RC channel override to set this then. There is a supported message to set a servo from the outside: Messages (common) · MAVLink Developer Guide but it’s probably not supported by mavros. So MAVSDK could be used or some local solution could be found until mavros supports the dedicated message.

  • Patrick is training to fly Acro mode on a racer and asks for a training mode to level out when the pilot lets go of the stick. We removed Rattitude mode which is doing that and it could be used as “Flip mode” but it was not useful to train flying Acro because if you fly Acro the stick is usually close to the center except while you’re fliping. Recommended is to fly Acro mode and train to switch quickly into Stabilized mode to recover from unwanted attitudes. Make sure to disable the failure detector because it would trigger when the vehicle is upside down outside of Acro mode Parameter Reference | PX4 User Guide but otherwise the vehicle will easily recover in any attitude when switching to a different mode.

Project Updates

  • @MaEtUgR Battery class reusable for semi-smart batteries. As a next step it can now be reused in the UAVCAN power monitor driver instead of the code duplication.
  • @rroche QGroundControl: @DonLakeFlyer is getting ready to publish another release. It will soon be available, Ubuntu 18.04 compatible, … It’s updated to Qt 5.15 which is the latest Version 5 which Qt plans to support. There is an issue with the Android build which is not sorted out yet. Any help to get this latest version working with the app store is appreciated.

High priority queue

Discussion based on board: High-Priority Queue · GitHub

In-Depth discussions

For smaller groups expanding technical discussions, stay until the end and follow up.

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