PX4 avoidance for AirSim

Hello all,
I want to use the PX4 avoidance with AirSim. The PX4-Avoidance repository is for Gazebo and I used the px4_avoidance_airsim repository as well which seems to be for AirSim, how ever I get errors and I am not sure about the exact JSON I need to use for.

For the ‚Äúroslaunch px4_avoidance_airsim start_simulation.launch‚ÄĚ (it should be simulator as the file name is different) I get a TF error:

For the other command ‚Äúroslaunch px4_avoidance_airsim start_px4_avoidance.launch‚ÄĚ, I get an error saying ‚ÄúPlanner abort: missing required data‚ÄĚ as soon as I take off. I still can‚Äôt turn on the obstacle avoidance in QGC as well.

I would appreciate it if anyone has any experience in editing the PX4-Avoidance repository to use the AirSim except Gazebo, or if you know what can I do for the px4_avoidance_airsim errors.

Thank you.