PWM Test results in a jumping PWM Output


I am trying to run the Pixracer with the actual PX4 Firmware. In order to test the control outputs (PWM Signals) I use

pwm test -a -p 1700

The problem what occurs is that the PWM signals jumps between the PWM DISARM value (e.g. 900) and the test value (1700). I already closed mc_att_control and mc_pos_control to check wether this is the problem. Further I checked if there is any output at the actuator_outputs topic and it is:

actuator_outputs: 900.00 900.00 900.00 900.00 0.00 0.00 ...

It seems as if something publishes a signal via the actuator_outputs and this is in competition with the test signals. Does anyone has an Idea why this happens or which program may cause this?

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I’m getting this. Did you manage to fix it?

Think I found the problem.

Solution >> New Mixer/Airframe Actuator Output "Error"