PWM_DISARMED value is not properly set for main outputs

Hi all,

I have implemented a model predictive control (MPC) code in Pixhawk v2.4.6. After increasing horizon parameters in MPC (increases size of matrices), the stack of my program unintentionally overflowed. Although I rebooted Pixhawk lots of time, I couldn’t turn sound of ESCs down. “PWM_DISARMED” value ( Parameter Reference page on Parameter Reference) is explained as “use of this parameter is to silence ESCs when they are disarmed.”

“param show” command displays “PWM_DISARMED” value as 1500. (without setting it in SD Card.)


When I send “pwm info” command from QGroundControl, Pixhawk gives me 0 (microseconds) disarmed values for main outputs.

Default “PWM_DISARM” value is set as 900 in Firmware directory. (src/modules/sensors/pwm_params_main.c). I also realized that other PWM related values “rate” and “failsafe” are not set by Pixhawk.

How can I solve this problem to start Pixhawk properly? I think it is related to EPROM or ROM type issue.

Thanks in advance.