Disarm PWM values are PWM_MIN, not PWM_DIS?

HI everybody,
Did anyone get this issue ?

after boot, in Disarmed state the PWM output are the MIN values for the first 4 channels (motors) , and not the Disarmed values.

I don’t understand why ?

in the console :

I guess it’s because your disarmed value is lower than your minimum value, therefore the value is being clamped. Try increasing your disarmed value for a value higher than the min value and see if it works.

thanks for your reply.
I think it is a bug in the IO driver.
I have disabled the IO proc ( sys_use_oi=0) and on the FMU output it works well.
i had to do that because my esc (F45A tmotor) don’t want to boot with a PWM value in their min_max range.