Professional flight testers wanted

We’re looking for professional flight testers which would fit this profile:

  • Based in a location with low precipitation (Greece, Italy, Spain, Nevada, California, etc.)
  • Available to test a specific multicopter or plane feature within 48 hours
  • Open, low-risk test area (no built up areas nearby, no other people or traffic)
  • Skilled RC pilot capable of maintaining safety using manual overrides
  • Commitment to follow exact, recurring procedures and deliver detailed results using high quality standards
  • All-year availability (except vacation and other interruptions)
  • Good command of english
  • Ability to submit written test reports, flight logs and onboard and off board video footage of the testing

Compensation: We would offer a compensation based on reported flight hours. Pilots / testers who seek compensation would have to be available on a regular basis and be ready to do “grunt work” testing (same flight routines over and over).

We will continue to focus our feature flight testing on our development and volunteer flight test communities, but want to offer some compensation of the more dull but extremely important recurring testing.


Hi Lorenz, I’m currently in California, and volunteer to test flight, we have a DJI Matrice 100, these days we work on snapdragon flight.

Hi Lorenze- I am potentially interested in being a flight tester. I have open spaces near by but passing showers in the windy summer months and high humidity year round. windward side of Maui , Hawaii ??

Hi, Lorenz
I’m interested in flight-testing starting from sep-oct 2016.
Location - center of Ukraine, usually low precipitation, huge test area.
PS: I’m professional Test Automation engineer :slight_smile:

Hello Lorenz,

I currently reside in Istanbul, Turkey. We are currently using our own copter airframes with Pixhawk v2, and the PX4 Flight Stack running inside of it. We use QGroundControl for mission control and we pretty much do and already fulfill the most of the requirements that you have listed. Every week we are testing our multicopter designs and trying to add new features to them. Most of the time, we are flying mission based, but we always have a safety pilot with us.Also safety is always paramount for us, we have physical pre-flight and post-flight check lists. We would like to contribute.

Kind Regards

@deksprime Hi Deniz, That sounds great! Could you get a current flight with master in?

@all We’re currently just sorting out the best strategy for lining this up. Your feedback is most appreciated!

@LorenzMeier Hi Lorenz, our most current flight with master in was last week, our first flight was okay, although we had a second flight which we had an unfortunate fly away situation, although we could manage to save our vehicle before it was too late with manual override. We are mostly focusing on doing mission based flights without any additional sensors other than Pixhawk’s own and GPS right now. We are planning to upgrade our flight gear by adding laser rangefinder and optical flow for next week. We are also conducting an R&D effort to enable obstacle avoided flight. We would be more than happy to contribute on the flight side since we are not yet capable to contribute on the coding side.

Anyone here has flown 1.4.1 yet? Any feedback / logs?

Here are some flights’ logs completed with 550 X-quad frame, flown with 1.4.1 beta version in

First three of the flights were good, although the last one is a crash. We really don’t know what happened there…

Best regards

Looking at your actuators your quad seems massively overpowered. It regularly needs to spin motors so slow that it hits minimum PWM. That also seems to be the reason for your crash.

What motor/prop combination are you running, what power system and what does your copter weigh?


The combination is as follows:

  • Sunnysky X2820 - 920 Kv BL Motors,
  • Mystery M-30A ESCs
  • 4S Battery
  • Total takeoff weight 1650 grams
  • 10 x 45 Standard Strengthened plastic propellers
  • Standard Pixhawk PMU w/Pixhawk(v2) FCU

Thank you for your time and help
Best regards


500mm X quad (920kv brushless on 4S) here are some mission logs running the latest master.

I think there are some tuning issues regarding XY on our part.

The copter which is running stable is doing a little better (still might only be tuning difference)

will try switching the stable one to master and see if its as good, will post logs.


Hi Lorenz, Located in Valais, Switzerland, all the time sunny!
Flying Tarot 650 Quad with Pixracer.