Problems with px4 logger

When I set the msg to the following format:
I use the following statement to post the logger
“struct execute_time_s et = {0};
orb_advert_t et_pub = orb_advertise(ORB_ID(execute_time),&et).
hrt_abstime starttime = hrt_absolute_time();
hrt_abstime time.
hrt_abstime endtime.
endtime = hrt_absolute_time();
et.timestamp = endtime.
time = endtime - starttime;[0] = 1;
But I don’t find the information in the log, however when I change the msg to the following format it can be written to the log successfully, why is this?

How did you verify that it wasn’t logged in the ulog? Have you used pyulog tool to verify that?