Position Hold goes to far point and internall attitude error

I am using MarvelMind System for indoor positioning system. I have the feedback as xyz not so accurate (due to the enforcement of usage of EKF) but for now acceptable for x but y and z seems not fully. I am using 1.13. I have set the quad to x and y at (0,0) armed and then manual mode then Hold. The issue is that even the position is about the (0,0) the quad needs to go to other point.
I holded the quad in the 1st Loiter (see y drift) → Ignore that
In second Loiter (x and y are zeros) and when it started, it gives roll and pitch, so I go with it by hand so you can see that there will be an error between x and y estimated and setpoints while the quad needs to go to the other direction
To see more about the system I have, check this topic

Noting that I put all the integration gains to 0 to check if any windup but it was not the case but still zeros in the test log

Log file