Pixracer / PX4 u-blox M8N problem

I have a u-blox M8N GPS / Compass unit which runs perfectly when I flash my Pixracer with the APM stack, but gives me no GPS Sats when I try it with the PX4 stack.
Nutshell>GPS status etc sees a ubx at 115200 bd, but with the following:

WARN [gps] GPS 1:
WARN [gps] protocol: ASHTECH
WARN [gps] port: /dev/ttyS3, baudrate: 115200, status: NOT OK
WARN [gps] sat info: disabled, noise: 0, jamming detected: NO

Any ideas on how to debug this problem would be most welcome.



This is a known issue with some manufacturers. They are locking the GPS settings which potentially is also deteriorating flight performance. We are working on a software fix to reset the lock. If you have an M8N with normal u-blox default settings there is no issue.

we’ll I’ve experimented with u-center and tried the default reset, but all with no success. The GPS unit works fine with the APM stack, but with PX4 I still have the behavior reported above.

(Latest Dev Firmware loaded)



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