Pixracer CPU Usage Too High


I am attempting to do offboard control using a Vicon system for positioning. Currently I am using a Pixracer connected to an Odroid XU4 as a companion computer over a serial connection on the “Telemetry 2” port. Using ROS2 Foxy and fast rtps I can publish and subscribe to the relevant topics for switching to offboard control and sending position data from the vicon system. I have had successful flights in offboard mode using a similar setup, the only difference being the flight controller is a Pixhawk 4 Mini.

Whenever the uxrce agent is running and creating the ROS topics the drone refuses to arm as the cpu usage is too high. Is there any way to alleviate this issue?
I would prefer not to buy another flight controller.

I am running the uxrce agent/client at a baud rate of 921600 as recommended by the setup instructions here if that is relevant.


You can go to the mavlink console and write the top command and monitor the CPU usage. Then check if there is anything that you don’t use so you can remove it from your PX4 build.