Pixracer ACSP4 sparked and blew a hole in the 5V DC/DC converter on powerup

I just started setting up my new Pixracer and ACSP4 power supply board. I soldered the main batter wires on first and checked for any solder bridges and made sure I had good solder joints. Then connected the power wires to a new 10,000mah 6S battery and pow. A spark came out of the ACSP4 and upon close examination I found a crater in the DC/DC converter for the 5v rail which of course is now dead. The 12v rail still works and is putting out 12v.

If I check the continuity of between the 5v and ground pins now it shows a direct short but I suppose that could be caused by the crater in the converto but since there is a crator in the chip I would hazard a guess the short was there first.

Anyone have an idea how I get this board replaced quickly so I can get on with the building of my new Quad?

This is a picture of the chip with the crator:


Hi Rick,

Sorry for the trouble.

Can you post an image of the whole ACSP4?


Sure. Here is the top and bottom images: