Pixhawk5 boot errors. Hardfault


I have a Pixhawk5 board and it was working well until I tried to use the LPE estimator. I had flashed the board with the master version of the PX4-Autopilot. I am now unable to connect to the board at all and the I/O LEDs blink as follows:

  • ACT BLUE: flash at about 2Hz
  • B/E ORANGE: Flash at about 5HZ
  • PWR GREEN: Solid

When I was trying to use the LPE estimator, I set SYS_MC_EST_GROUP to 1 and I started having issues after the reboot. I have tried re-flashing the firmware both from QGC and from source with:
make px4_fmu-v5x_default upload

QGC cannot connect to the board and displays the following messages:

LinkManagerLog: New auto-connect UDP port added
LinkManagerLog: allocateMavlinkChannel 1
LinkManagerLog: Waiting for bootloader to finish "/dev/ttyACM0"
LinkManagerLog: Waiting for bootloader to finish "/dev/ttyACM0"
LinkManagerLog: Waiting for next autoconnect pass "/dev/ttyACM0"
LinkManagerLog: New auto-connect port added:  "PX4 FMU V5X on ttyACM0 (AutoConnect)" "/dev/ttyACM0"
LinkManagerLog: allocateMavlinkChannel 2
MultiVehicleManagerLog: Adding new vehicle link:vehicleId:componentId:vehicleFirmwareType:vehicleType  "PX4 FMU V5X on ttyACM0 (AutoConnect)" 1 1 12 2
MultiVehicleManagerLog: setActiveVehicle Vehicle(0x564197d37010)
_recalcFlightPathSegments homePositionValid false
MultiVehicleManagerLog: _setActiveVehiclePhase2 _vehicleBeingSetActive Vehicle(0x564197d37010)
_recalcFlightPathSegments homePositionValid false
_recalcFlightPathSegments homePositionValid false
LinkManagerLog: Waiting for bootloader to finish "/dev/ttyACM1"
LinkManagerLog: Waiting for bootloader to finish "/dev/ttyACM1"
LinkManagerLog: Waiting for bootloader to finish "/dev/ttyACM1"
LinkManagerLog: Waiting for next autoconnect pass "/dev/ttyACM1"
LinkManagerLog: New auto-connect port added:  "PX4 FMU V5X on ttyACM1 (AutoConnect)" "/dev/ttyACM1"
LinkManagerLog: allocateMavlinkChannel 3
ParameterManagerLog: Attemping load from cache
ParameterManagerLog: Parameters cache match failed /filespace/f/freiremelgiz/.config/QGroundControl.org/ParamCache/1_1.v2
LinkManagerLog: Waiting for bootloader to finish "/dev/ttyACM2"
LinkManagerLog: Waiting for bootloader to finish "/dev/ttyACM2"
LinkManagerLog: Waiting for bootloader to finish "/dev/ttyACM2"
LinkManagerLog: Waiting for bootloader to finish "/dev/ttyACM2"
LinkManagerLog: Waiting for next autoconnect pass "/dev/ttyACM2"
LinkManagerLog: New auto-connect port added:  "PX4 FMU V5X on ttyACM2 (AutoConnect)" "/dev/ttyACM2"
LinkManagerLog: allocateMavlinkChannel 4
LinkManagerLog: Waiting for bootloader to finish "/dev/ttyACM3"
LinkManagerLog: Waiting for bootloader to finish "/dev/ttyACM3"
LinkManagerLog: Waiting for bootloader to finish "/dev/ttyACM3"
LinkManagerLog: Waiting for next autoconnect pass "/dev/ttyACM3"
LinkManagerLog: New auto-connect port added:  "PX4 FMU V5X on ttyACM3 (AutoConnect)" "/dev/ttyACM3"
LinkManagerLog: allocateMavlinkChannel 5

The SD card has the following fault_date.log file:

[hardfault_log] -- 2021-12-31-10:36:34 Begin Fault Log --
System fault Occurred on: 2021-12-31-10:36:34
 Type:Hard Fault in file:armv7-m/arm_hardfault.c at line: 135 running task: 
 FW git-hash: 2153710917a54c2d87c3434e1945d4a9752bec5a
 Build datetime: Jan  2 2022 09:27:47
 Build url: localhost 
 Processor registers: from 0x2001b324
 r0:0x00000000 r1:0x2001b3dc  r2:0x2001b440  r3:0x00000011  r4:0x2001b448  r5:0x00000002 r6:0x2001b440 r7:0x081e75d8
 r8:0x2007f240 r9:0x00000000 r10:0x2005191c r11:0x20051860 r12:0x00000000  sp:0x2001b3f8 lr:0x08009ead pc:0x0802a1ea
 xpsr:0x61000000 basepri:0x000000f0 control:0x00000004
 exe return:0xffffffe9
 Fault status registers: from NVIC
 cfsr:0x00008200 hfsr:0x40000000  dfsr:0x00000000  mmfsr:0x00000014  bfsr:0x00000014 afsr:0x00000000 abfsr:0x00000000 
 IRQ stack: 
  top:    0x20021740
  sp:     0x200216b0 Valid
  bottom: 0x20021540
  size:   0x00000200
  used:   0x000000d0
 User stack: 
  top:    0x200366fe
  sp:     0x2001b3f8 Invalid
  bottom: 0x20036410
  size:   0x000002ee
  used:   0x000002ec
Interrupt sp memory region, stack pointer lies within stack
0x2002175f 0x00000000
0x2002175e 0x00000000
0x2002175d 0x00000000
0x2002175c 0x00000000
0x2002175b 0x00000000
0x2002175a 0x00000000
0x20021759 0x00000000
0x20021758 0x00000000
0x20021757 0x00000000
0x20021756 0x00000000
0x20021755 0x00000000
0x20021754 0x00000000
0x20021753 0x00000000
0x20021752 0x00000000
0x20021751 0x00000000
0x20021750 0x00000000
0x2002174f 0x00000000
0x2002174e 0x00000000
0x2002174d 0x00000000
0x2002174c 0x00000000
0x2002174b 0x00000000
0x2002174a 0x00000000
0x20021749 0x00000000
0x20021748 0x00000000
0x20021747 0x00000000
0x20021746 0x00000000
0x20021745 0x00000000
0x20021744 0x00000000
0x20021743 0x00000000
0x20021742 0x00000000
0x20021741 0x00000000
0x20021740 0x00000000<-- Interrupt sp top
0x2002173f 0x00000000
0x2002173e 0x00000000
0x2002173d 0x00000000
0x2002173c 0x00000000
0x2002173b 0x00000000
0x2002173a 0x00000000
0x20021739 0x00000000
0x20021738 0x00000000
0x20021737 0x00000000
0x20021736 0x00000000
0x20021735 0x00000000
0x20021734 0x00000000
0x20021733 0x00000000
0x20021732 0x00000000
0x20021731 0x00000000
0x20021730 0x00000000
0x2002172f 0x00000000
0x2002172e 0x00000000
0x2002172d 0x00000000
0x2002172c 0x00000000
0x2002172b 0x00000000
0x2002172a 0x00000000
0x20021729 0x00000000
0x20021728 0x00000000
0x20021727 0x00000000
0x20021726 0x00000000
0x20021725 0x00000000
0x20021724 0x00000000
0x20021723 0x00000000
0x20021722 0x00000000
0x20021721 0x00000000
0x20021720 0x00000000
0x2002171f 0x00000000
0x2002171e 0x00000000
0x2002171d 0x00000000
0x2002171c 0x00000000
0x2002171b 0x00000000
0x2002171a 0x00000000
0x20021719 0x00000000
0x20021718 0x00000000
0x20021717 0x00000000
0x20021716 0x00000000
0x20021715 0x00000000
0x20021714 0x00000000
0x20021713 0x00000000
0x20021712 0x00000000
0x20021711 0x00000000
0x20021710 0x00000000
0x2002170f 0x00000000
0x2002170e 0x00000000
0x2002170d 0x00000000
0x2002170c 0x00000000
0x2002170b 0x00000000
0x2002170a 0x00000000
0x20021709 0x00000000
0x20021708 0x00000000
0x20021707 0x00000000
0x20021706 0x00000000
0x20021705 0x00000000
0x20021704 0x00000000
0x20021703 0x00000000
0x20021702 0x00000000
0x20021701 0x00000000
0x20021700 0x00000000
0x200216ff 0x00000000
0x200216fe 0x00000000
0x200216fd 0x00000000
0x200216fc 0x00000000
0x200216fb 0x00000000
0x200216fa 0x00000000
0x200216f9 0x00000000
0x200216f8 0x00000000
0x200216f7 0x00000000
0x200216f6 0x00000000
0x200216f5 0x00000000
0x200216f4 0x00000000
0x200216f3 0x00000000
0x200216f2 0x00000000
0x200216f1 0x00000000
0x200216f0 0x00000000
0x200216ef 0x00000000
0x200216ee 0x00000000
0x200216ed 0x00000000
0x200216ec 0x00000000
0x200216eb 0x00000000
0x200216ea 0x00000000
0x200216e9 0x00000000
0x200216e8 0x00000000
0x200216e7 0x00000000
0x200216e6 0x00000000
0x200216e5 0x00000000
0x200216e4 0x00000000
0x200216e3 0x00000000
0x200216e2 0x00000000
0x200216e1 0x00000000
0x200216e0 0x00000000
0x200216df 0x00000000
0x200216de 0x00000000
0x200216dd 0x00000000
0x200216dc 0x00000000
0x200216db 0x00000000
0x200216da 0x00000000
0x200216d9 0x00000000
0x200216d8 0x00000000
0x200216d7 0x00000000
0x200216d6 0x00000000
0x200216d5 0x00000000
0x200216d4 0x2001b324
0x200216d3 0x08008237
0x200216d2 0x081e75d8
0x200216d1 0x2001b440
0x200216d0 0x00000002
0x200216cf 0x2001b324
0x200216ce 0x000000f0
0x200216cd 0x08008349
0x200216cc 0x000000f0
0x200216cb 0x0800b44f
0x200216ca 0x00000003
0x200216c9 0x00000003
0x200216c8 0x20021740
0x200216c7 0x00000000
0x200216c6 0x00000014
0x200216c5 0x00000000
0x200216c4 0x40000000
0x200216c3 0x0800981b
0x200216c2 0x0800ab3d
0x200216c1 0x08009d77
0x200216c0 0x20051860
0x200216bf 0x2005191c
0x200216be 0x00000000
0x200216bd 0x2007f240
0x200216bc 0x00000000
0x200216bb 0x00000000
0x200216ba 0x00000014
0x200216b9 0xe000ed2c
0x200216b8 0xe000ed2c
0x200216b7 0x0000002d
0x200216b6 0x0802a1ea
0x200216b5 0x08009ead
0x200216b4 0x2001b3f8
0x200216b3 0x00000000
0x200216b2 0x20051860
0x200216b1 0x00000000
0x200216b0 0x000000f0<-- Interrupt sp
0x200216af 0x08015583
0x200216ae 0x00000087
0x200216ad 0x0816eb55
0x200216ac 0x20021740
0x200216ab 0x2001b3f8
0x200216aa 0x200216b0
0x200216a9 0x0815aa1f
0x200216a8 0x20020010
0x200216a7 0x08009b69
0x200216a6 0x20020c54
0x200216a5 0x20021540
0x200216a4 0x2001acf0
0x200216a3 0x80000000
0x200216a2 0x00000000
0x200216a1 0x200216b0
0x200216a0 0x20021740
0x2002169f 0x2001acf0
0x2002169e 0x20020000
0x2002169d 0x0816fd43
0x2002169c 0x080153c9
0x2002169b 0x20021668
0x2002169a 0x00000000
0x20021699 0x08009e01
0x20021698 0x20021668
0x20021697 0x20021668
0x20021696 0x00000000
0x20021695 0x08009de5
0x20021694 0x2000fe10
0x20021693 0x0000003c
0x20021692 0x08019131
0x20021691 0x0800ab3d
0x20021690 0x0000000a
0x2002168f 0x0816fd43
0x2002168e 0x30303030
0x2002168d 0x0800ab39
0x2002168c 0x20021540
0x2002168b 0x2001acf0
0x2002168a 0x00000000
0x20021689 0x20026b28
0x20021688 0x20026b18
0x20021687 0x080153a5
0x20021686 0x0000019f
0x20021685 0x2002164c
0x20021684 0x0800ab3d
0x20021683 0x0800ab4d
0x20021682 0x0000000a
0x20021681 0x20021674
0x20021680 0x08003231
0x2002167f 0x34373438
0x2002167e 0x36303030
0x2002167d 0x00a0000a
0x2002167c 0x0000000a
0x2002167b 0x080093ad
0x2002167a 0x0816fd68
0x20021679 0x00000004
0x20021678 0x00000080
0x20021677 0x08019163
0x20021676 0x0000003c
0x20021675 0x20021634
0x20021674 0x0800ab3d
0x20021673 0x0800ab4d
0x20021672 0x0000000a
0x20021671 0x20021634
0x20021670 0x0800ab3d
0x2002166f 0x0800aba1
0x2002166e 0x0000000a
0x2002166d 0x00a0000a
0x2002166c 0x0000000a
0x2002166b 0x080093ad
0x2002166a 0x0000000a
0x20021669 0x0800890d
0x20021668 0x00000080
0x20021667 0x00000000
0x20021666 0x00000000
0x20021665 0x00000006
0x20021664 0x200215eb
0x20021663 0x00000000
0x20021662 0x0000000a
0x20021661 0xdeadbeef
0x20021660 0xdeadbeef
0x2002165f 0xdeadbeef
0x2002165e 0xdeadbeef
0x2002165d 0xdeadbeef
0x2002165c 0xdeadbeef
0x2002165b 0xdeadbeef
0x2002165a 0xdeadbeef
0x20021659 0xdeadbeef
0x20021658 0xdeadbeef
0x20021657 0xdeadbeef
0x20021656 0xdeadbeef
0x20021655 0xdeadbeef
0x20021654 0xdeadbeef
0x20021653 0x23ffefef
0x20021652 0x140e4916
0x20021651 0xa9d5b1de
0x20021650 0xb1e9f4d3
0x2002164f 0xa1ab59b1
0x2002164e 0xa8d0f68e
0x2002164d 0xfaf1c6e5
0x2002164c 0x6f58b71f
0x2002164b 0x3b3fe284
0x2002164a 0x4fa86109
0x20021649 0x2129d73b
0x20021648 0xb547a39f
0x20021647 0xffffffff
0x20021646 0x00000000
0x20021645 0x00000000
0x20021644 0x00000000
0x20021643 0x00000000
0x20021642 0x00000001
0x20021641 0x200214f4
0x20021640 0x0001ffff
0x2002163f 0x00000000
0x2002163e 0x00000000
0x2002163d 0x00000000
0x2002163c 0x00000000
0x2002163b 0x00000001
0x2002163a 0x00000000
0x20021639 0x00000200
0x20021638 0x200305c0
0x20021637 0x00000000
0x20021636 0x20020aa0
0x20021635 0x01000001
0x20021634 0x00000000
0x20021633 0x00000000
0x20021632 0x200303c0
0x20021631 0x00000000
0x20021630 0x00000000
0x2002162f 0x00000000
0x2002162e 0x00000000
0x2002162d 0x00000000
0x2002162c 0x00000000
0x2002162b 0x200007c0
0x2002162a 0x08168d87
0x20021629 0x00000001
0x20021628 0x200213e8
0x20021627 0x00000060
0x20021626 0x00000000
0x20021625 0x00000000
0x20021624 0x00000000
0x20021623 0x00000000
0x20021622 0x00000000
0x20021621 0x00000000
0x20021620 0x00000000
0x2002161f 0x00000000
0x2002161e 0x00000000
0x2002161d 0x00010000
0x2002161c 0x00010000
0x2002161b 0x0009b869
0x2002161a 0x02dc6c00
0x20021619 0x00000077
0x20021618 0x40011c00
0x20021617 0x08166405
0x20021616 0x08166291
0x20021615 0x081660c1
0x20021614 0x08165e01
0x20021613 0x081661b9
0x20021612 0x081660e5
0x20021611 0x081661c1
0x20021610 0x08165ddd
0x2002160f 0x08165d71
0x2002160e 0x08165d71
0x2002160d 0x08165ddd
0x2002160c 0x08165ddd
0x2002160b 0x08165d9d
0x2002160a 0x08165d71
0x20021609 0x08165d01
0x20021608 0x0816606d
0x20021607 0x08166377
0x20021606 0x081663bb
0x20021605 0x08165cf9
0x20021604 0x08165c95
0x20021603 0x08166229
0x20021602 0x08166339
0x20021601 0x08165c8f
0x20021600 0x00000000
User sp memory region, stack pointer lies outside of stack
0x2001b4a7 0x00000000
0x2001b4a6 0x00000000
0x2001b4a5 0x00000000
0x2001b4a4 0x2007fc54
0x2001b4a3 0x20032ca4
0x2001b4a2 0x2007fc50
0x2001b4a1 0x2001b6c0
0x2001b4a0 0x2007fc54
0x2001b49f 0x2001b734
0x2001b49e 0x00000000
0x2001b49d 0x0815df6d
0x2001b49c 0x2001b6c0
0x2001b49b 0x00000001
0x2001b49a 0x00000000
0x2001b499 0x2001b6d0
0x2001b498 0x00000080
0x2001b497 0x00000000
0x2001b496 0x00000000
0x2001b495 0x200508f8
0x2001b494 0x00000000
0x2001b493 0x00000000
0x2001b492 0x00000000
0x2001b491 0x00000000
0x2001b490 0x00000000
0x2001b48f 0x00000000
0x2001b48e 0x00000000
0x2001b48d 0x00043f13
0x2001b48c 0x00000000
0x2001b48b 0x00000000
0x2001b48a 0x000014f4
0x2001b489 0xc11b6754
0x2001b488 0xbdb5dd2f
0x2001b487 0x3d995123
0x2001b486 0x00000000
0x2001b485 0x000014f4
0x2001b484 0x3c4f665b
0x2001b483 0xbca29724
0x2001b482 0x3c03e7de
0x2001b481 0x00000000
0x2001b480 0x0013a5b1
0x2001b47f 0x00000000
0x2001b47e 0x00000000
0x2001b47d 0x004d0000
0x2001b47c 0x00000000
0x2001b47b 0x0000004d
0x2001b47a 0x0000004d
0x2001b479 0x00000000
0x2001b478 0x0000004d
0x2001b477 0x00000000
0x2001b476 0x0005ff15
0x2001b475 0x00000000
0x2001b474 0x20050e20
0x2001b473 0x00000001
0x2001b472 0x00000000
0x2001b471 0x21000000
0x2001b470 0x20050904
0x2001b46f 0x08164a33
0x2001b46e 0x00000000
0x2001b46d 0x00000001
0x2001b46c 0x20047ba8
0x2001b46b 0x00000001
0x2001b46a 0x20037590
0x2001b469 0x080d3a1b
0x2001b468 0x0000000a
0x2001b467 0x200508e0
0x2001b466 0x20051ae0
0x2001b465 0x00000000
0x2001b464 0x00000000
0x2001b463 0x00000000
0x2001b462 0x200508e0
0x2001b461 0x000082be
0x2001b460 0x081916d8
0x2001b45f 0x080d7ec1
0x2001b45e 0x0000000a
0x2001b45d 0x20051adc
0x2001b45c 0x00000000
0x2001b45b 0x200508e0
0x2001b45a 0x00000000
0x2001b459 0x06cd6c2f
0x2001b458 0x40800000
0x2001b457 0x3d4d6c2f
0x2001b456 0x00000000
0x2001b455 0xffffffe9
0x2001b454 0x21851860
0x2001b453 0x160b903f
0x2001b452 0x358637be
0x2001b451 0x1607f8d7
0x2001b450 0x160b9175
0x2001b44f 0x1607fa5d
0x2001b44e 0x1607fa87
0x2001b44d 0x1607fb59
0x2001b44c 0x00000000
0x2001b44b 0xffffffe9
0x2001b44a 0x00000000
0x2001b449 0x00000000
0x2001b448 0x00000000
0x2001b447 0x358637be
0x2001b446 0x00000000
0x2001b445 0x00000000
0x2001b444 0x00000000
0x2001b443 0x00000000
0x2001b442 0x00000000
0x2001b441 0xffffffe9
0x2001b440 0x00000000
0x2001b43f 0x00000000
0x2001b43e 0x00000000
0x2001b43d 0x0074696e
0x2001b43c 0x6920646e
0x2001b43b 0x616c205d
0x2001b43a 0x65706c5b
0x2001b439 0x00000000
0x2001b438 0x0013abf4
0x2001b437 0x2001b59c
0x2001b436 0x00000000
0x2001b435 0x081595fd
0x2001b434 0x081916d8
0x2001b433 0x2002f088
0x2001b432 0x2002f088
0x2001b431 0x0000007e
0x2001b430 0x00000008
0x2001b42f 0x081637a1
0x2001b42e 0x00000000
0x2001b42d 0x0013abf4
0x2001b42c 0x2001b4f8
0x2001b42b 0x2003333c
0x2001b42a 0x20051860
0x2001b429 0x2005191c
0x2001b428 0x20051ae0
0x2001b427 0x20051ae0
0x2001b426 0x00000000
0x2001b425 0x0013abf4
0x2001b424 0x2001b59c
0x2001b423 0x081654f5
0x2001b422 0x20051ae0
0x2001b421 0x20051ae0
0x2001b420 0x081e75d8
0x2001b41f 0x00000008
0x2001b41e 0x2001b4f8
0x2001b41d 0x2003333c
0x2001b41c 0x00000000
0x2001b41b 0x3c263306
0x2001b41a 0x8000001b
0x2001b419 0x00000000
0x2001b418 0x081916e7
0x2001b417 0x41000000
0x2001b416 0x00000000
0x2001b415 0x00000000
0x2001b414 0x00000000
0x2001b413 0x3e3851ec
0x2001b412 0x00000000
0x2001b411 0x00000000
0x2001b410 0x7fc00030
0x2001b40f 0x676f6c5f
0x2001b40e 0x6b6e696c
0x2001b40d 0x76616d2f
0x2001b40c 0x6a626f2f
0x2001b40b 0x00000011
0x2001b40a 0x2001b448
0x2001b409 0x00000002
0x2001b408 0x081654ad
0x2001b407 0x00000000
0x2001b406 0x2001b448
0x2001b405 0x2001b440
0x2001b404 0x2001b448
0x2001b403 0x0801db7b
0x2001b402 0x00000001
0x2001b401 0x2001b448
0x2001b400 0x00000000
0x2001b3ff 0x08018941
0x2001b3fe 0x2001b434
0x2001b3fd 0x080188e3
0x2001b3fc 0x20051860
0x2001b3fb 0x2005191c
0x2001b3fa 0x20051ae0
0x2001b3f9 0x0801db01
0x2001b3f8 0x00000011<-- User sp
0x2001b3f7 0x0802a1eb
0x2001b3f6 0x3000001b
0x2001b3f5 0x00000000
0x2001b3f4 0x00000000
0x2001b3f3 0x3e287d5e
0x2001b3f2 0x3f99358b
0x2001b3f1 0x00000000
0x2001b3f0 0x00000000
0x2001b3ef 0x00000000
0x2001b3ee 0x00000000
0x2001b3ed 0x00000000
0x2001b3ec 0x7fc00000
0x2001b3eb 0xbbfc8b65
0x2001b3ea 0xffc00000
0x2001b3e9 0x40380108
0x2001b3e8 0xc33a5eb9
0x2001b3e7 0xbfa05617
0x2001b3e6 0x00000000
0x2001b3e5 0x61000000
0x2001b3e4 0x0802a1ea
0x2001b3e3 0x08009ead
0x2001b3e2 0x00000000
0x2001b3e1 0x00000011
0x2001b3e0 0x2001b440
0x2001b3df 0x2001b3dc
0x2001b3de 0x00000000
0x2001b3dd 0x00000000
0x2001b3dc 0x00000000
0x2001b3db 0x00000000
0x2001b3da 0x00000000
0x2001b3d9 0x00000000
0x2001b3d8 0x00000000
0x2001b3d7 0x00000000
0x2001b3d6 0x00000000
0x2001b3d5 0x00000000
0x2001b3d4 0x00000000
0x2001b3d3 0x00000000
0x2001b3d2 0x00000000
0x2001b3d1 0x00000000
0x2001b3d0 0x00000000
0x2001b3cf 0x00000000
0x2001b3ce 0x7f7fffff
0x2001b3cd 0xffffffe9
0x2001b3cc 0x20051860
0x2001b3cb 0x2005191c
0x2001b3ca 0x00000000
0x2001b3c9 0x2007f240
0x2001b3c8 0x081e75d8
0x2001b3c7 0x2001b440
0x2001b3c6 0x00000002
0x2001b3c5 0x2001b448
0x2001b3c4 0x000000f0
0x2001b3c3 0x2001b3f8
0x2001b3c2 0x3916feb5
0x2001b3c1 0x00000000
0x2001b3c0 0x00000000
0x2001b3bf 0xffffffe9
0x2001b3be 0x00000000
0x2001b3bd 0x00000000
0x2001b3bc 0x00000000
0x2001b3bb 0x00000000
0x2001b3ba 0x00000000
0x2001b3b9 0x00000000
0x2001b3b8 0x00000000
0x2001b3b7 0x3916feb5
0x2001b3b6 0x8000001b
0x2001b3b5 0x00000000
0x2001b3b4 0x00000000
0x2001b3b3 0x41000000
0x2001b3b2 0x00000000
0x2001b3b1 0x00000000
0x2001b3b0 0x00000000
0x2001b3af 0x3e3851ec
0x2001b3ae 0x00000000
0x2001b3ad 0x00000000
0x2001b3ac 0x7fc00000
0x2001b3ab 0xbbfc8b65
0x2001b3aa 0xffc00000
0x2001b3a9 0x40380108
0x2001b3a8 0xc33a5eb9
0x2001b3a7 0xbfa05617
0x2001b3a6 0x3a88f2ca
0x2001b3a5 0x21000200
0x2001b3a4 0x3e3851ec
0x2001b3a3 0x080d25c9
0x2001b3a2 0x2001b0e0
0x2001b3a1 0x2001af50
0x2001b3a0 0x000000d0
0x2001b39f 0x00000000
0x2001b39e 0x2001af50
0x2001b39d 0x00000000
0x2001b39c 0x00000000
0x2001b39b 0x00000000
0x2001b39a 0x00000000
0x2001b399 0x3e3851ec
0x2001b398 0x00000000
0x2001b397 0x00000000
0x2001b396 0x00000000
0x2001b395 0x00000000
0x2001b394 0x00000000
0x2001b393 0x00000000
0x2001b392 0x00000000
0x2001b391 0x00000000
0x2001b390 0x00000000
0x2001b38f 0x00000000
0x2001b38e 0x00000000
0x2001b38d 0x00000000
0x2001b38c 0x00000000
0x2001b38b 0x00000000
0x2001b38a 0x00000000
0x2001b389 0x00000000
0x2001b388 0x00000000
0x2001b387 0x00000000
0x2001b386 0x00000000
0x2001b385 0x00000000
0x2001b384 0x00000000
0x2001b383 0x00000000
0x2001b382 0x00000000
0x2001b381 0x00000000
0x2001b380 0x00000000
0x2001b37f 0x00000000
0x2001b37e 0x00000000
0x2001b37d 0x00000000
0x2001b37c 0x00000000
0x2001b37b 0x00000000
0x2001b37a 0x00000000
0x2001b379 0x00000000
0x2001b378 0x00000000
0x2001b377 0x00000000
0x2001b376 0x00000000
0x2001b375 0x00000000
0x2001b374 0x00000000
0x2001b373 0x00000000
0x2001b372 0x00000000
0x2001b371 0x00000000
0x2001b370 0x00000000
0x2001b36f 0x00000000
0x2001b36e 0x00000000
0x2001b36d 0x00000000
0x2001b36c 0x00000000
0x2001b36b 0x00000000
0x2001b36a 0x00000000
0x2001b369 0x39d1b717
0x2001b368 0x00000000
0x2001b367 0x00000000
0x2001b366 0x00000000
0x2001b365 0x00000000
0x2001b364 0x00000000
0x2001b363 0x00000000
0x2001b362 0x00000000
0x2001b361 0x00000000
0x2001b360 0x00000000
0x2001b35f 0x00000000
0x2001b35e 0x3916feb5
0x2001b35d 0x00000000
0x2001b35c 0x00000000
0x2001b35b 0x00000000
0x2001b35a 0x00000000
0x2001b359 0x00000000
0x2001b358 0x00000000
0x2001b357 0x00000000
0x2001b356 0x00000000
0x2001b355 0x00000000
0x2001b354 0x00000000
0x2001b353 0x3916feb5
0x2001b352 0x00000000
0x2001b351 0x00000000
0x2001b350 0x00000000
0x2001b34f 0x00000000
0x2001b34e 0x00000000
0x2001b34d 0x00000000
0x2001b34c 0x00000000
0x2001b34b 0x00000000
0x2001b34a 0x00000000
0x2001b349 0x00000000
0x2001b348 0x00000000
[hardfault_log] -- 2021-12-31-10:36:34 END Fault Log --

Any help would be appreciated. Thank you for your time.

The following tests can help you determine if boot has failed, and possible causes:

Check the Pixhawk LEDs and Sounds as these can immediately confirm a successful boot. If boot fails, these can broadly indicate the point of failure.

Check that the board has appropriate ArduPilot firmware installed.

Ensure the memory card is fully inserted into the Pixhawk/controller card socket.

Check the boot log:

Remove the SD card from from the board and insert into your regular computer

open the APM/boot.log file and check that it contains the following lines

Starting APM sensors
Trying PX4IO board
PX4IO board OK
Starting ArduPilot
rc.APM finished
If the file does not exist or the contents are different from above then reinstall the Copter/Plane/Rover firmware.

Rachel Gomez