Pixhawk4 safety switch sound

I use Polybro’s Pixhawk4 and the included GPS (a module that integrates buzzer, switch, and GPS).

I am concerned about the sound of the buzzer.
When arming, I press and hold the safety switch for about 1 second, and I’m not sure if the sound is right.


If I supply power to the drone and press and hold the safety switch, the Operational > Notify Positive Tone sound from the link above comes out.
And when I press it again, nothing happens.

As far as I know, one long press enters Pre-arm mode and allows me to arm with the RC controller, and another long press should release the arming.

If I watch a youtube video of assembling the same model, the Notify Neutral Tone sound below it, not the Operational > Notify Positive Tone sound.

How can I make the buzzer sound as I thought?