Pixhawk/PX4 Maximums


I was wondering if the Pixhawk and/or the PX4 software has a maximum allowable:

  1. Airspeed
  2. Altitude
  3. G-load


“Pixhawk” is a rather generic term these days, so I will answer with the information on the Cube Autopilot.

CubeBlack Max G, 15
Cube Orange Max G, 29
Cube Orange Pro Max G, 39

Max airspeed / Altitude is a function of your GPS / Airframe. Our systems have a hard limit of M1.4 and 80,000ft

Very hard to maintain VLOS at these speeds… so obviously government permission is also needed etc…

The Cube has however reached speeds in excess of M5.0, but you need a special GPS…

Thanks for the information!

I should have been more specific on which Pixhawk. I’m looking at utilizing the following:

Holybro Pixhawk 4 w/ included GPS: http://www.holybro.com/product/pixhawk-4/
Holybro Pixhawk 4 mini w/ included GPS: http://www.holybro.com/product/pixhawk4-mini/

Do the same values for max airspeed and altitude correlate to these pixhawks as well?

Thanks again for your help.

That’s very much vendor specific.