Pixhawk Mini + PB + 10S PM(solved)

Hello Comunity!
3DR very fun guys…For my project I bought 3DR pixhawk mini and 10S PM …

And what I discovered , 10S PM has different interface…
On official site no information about it…
3dr support amazing :

Thank you for contacting 3Drobotics.

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The pixhawk only supports up to 4S, you will need a power module that supports 10S but we don’t have any recommendations or steps on that setup, we recommend you to check the forums:

Any ideas ?
with pixhawk mini plate I will not do anything…
Desoldering port from PB and after that soldering to 10S PM?
Wire cross-section different too between PB and PM

Hi @Tulip,

Which one are you trying to use? I don’t have it in front of me right now, but in the pixhawk mini kit I’ve used it had the correct cables, but it wasn’t immediately obvious.

Yes, kit from pixhawk had the correct cables, but this PM for use more than 4S up to 10S (in my case I need 6S) from 3DR too it is original kit and had other cable(https://store.3dr.com/products/10s-power-module)…it is very strange for me…
If I want to use 6S than I need cable from 10S PM to my mini if I understanding right…

Maybe I’m not following. Are you trying to use the 10S power module? If so I think (again it’s not in front of me) you need a 6 pin JST to DF13. Top left here - https://store.3dr.com/products/pixhawk-mini-cable-bundle

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Thank you! I try it!