Pixhawk Flight Computer for Model Rocket

Hey everyone.

The rocketry team at my university is thinking of using a PixHawk as the flight computer for our rocket. We are building this rocket ourselves witha hybrid engine. The expected burntime is 5 seconds and maximum altitude around 1050 meters. We will not be using the PixHawk for anything except a flight computer and telemetry (no wings, or trajectory adjustment of any sort). The battery needs to be with a capacity of at least 5Wh and under 50 grams. We were thinking then of lithium ion batteries. What voltage/current should the battery be/work at if supplying power to a Pixhawk, telemetry device, and a few additional sensors is its only purpose?

Use a single18650 cell. Most should be way over 5wh. Then just step it up to 5.2v. Make sure your step up converter can supply 2a. No real point in using the voltage monitor since your voltage will be too low and artificial. There are lots of tiny step up units.