Pixhawk Fake GPS to use Guided Mode in Dronekit

Hey guys, I am planning on using Dronekit to guide a drone indoors. However, this requires the drone to be in guided mode, which requires a GPS signal.

I am planning on faking the GPS signal. The tutorial on the developer website uses MOCAP, but I was wondering if I could use an optical flow camera to achieve the same result. So I have two questions:

  1. If faking the GPS is possible with an optical flow camera, can I use the Logitech c930 Webcam? Or would it be better to use PX4Flow Camera?

  2. If faking GPS is not possible, how do you recommend controlling a drone autonomously indoors?

Thank you!

You should be able to use optical flow (within some limits, as it doesn’t offer absolute position).

Assuming we use optical flow and a regular Logitech Webcam, are there any guides on how to fake gps data?

In the event that this isn’t possible, how do we control the drone autonomously with optical flow?

Edit: In other words, instead of using dronekit to write scripts, what should we use?