Pixhawk cube and powermodule connection

Hello ,
I am using a pixhawk cube for the first time , I have a hexacopter frame with x8 bldc motors and two 22.2 V batteries connected in series , each motor’s max current requirement is 65 amps .I wish to ask that do i have to connect the power module in series with the battery , in that case i will need a 65*6=390 amps power module which i dont think is available ? Currently i have an 8s , 60 amps powermodule . What can i do with it? What will be the arrangement for the setup ?
Please help!!!

You can just use the power module to measure voltage but you connect the ESCs “directly” to the battery, so you don’t draw the current through the power module. That way you - at least - know the voltage, just not the current and don’t risk having too much current through it. Are you sure that the motors will draw that much? And have you found the max current spec of the power module you’re using?