Pixhawk 6C Boot0 pin for DFU mode

Good afternoon.
I have a pixhawk 6c. I need to put it into DFU mode. I read that for this you need to apply 3.3V to boot0. Can you tell me where I can find this pin?

Let’s see if @Vincentpoont2 can help you.

You need to disassemble the casing (Pixhawk flight control does not have a DFU button), connect the pad with jumper of R10 and C36 (the red line in the picture below), and you should be able to enter DFU.


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Everything is fine. Thanks a lot

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Amazing, thanks @Holybro for the instructions and @helpit.odessa for following up with some pictures. That’s very helpful for anyone looking for this in the future.

Do I have to perform a similar step for the 6C mini in order to be able to use DFU-UTIL?

Why DFU mode when you can use an STLINk… the board have JTAG/SWD connector

I have USB cables. I don’t have STLink. I’d like to know why I’m having difficulty with DFU-UTIL.

usually DFU it’s drive with a small push button, in that case no.
You should pull it up to 3.3V, in some boards I’ve tested it’s necessary 5V.
After you pulled up the pin, apply power to the board using your usb cable… if everything it’s done properly you should enter in DFU mode.
But just consider the option to purchase an stink v3,more easy and it’s not invasive on the pcb

Looking into the hardware I need to connect to the 6C MINI, I think I need the following:

Holybro Pixhawk Debug Adapter

While the CUAV C-ADB Pixhawk Debug Adapter looks like it might work, it says it does not come with the mini connector that the 6C Mini has on it?

Is this the correct hardware or is there a missing item?

What software do I need to use this?

For my design i use stlink v3 mini, for other developments im using the stlink v3 standard set with a DIY cable,
Do you corrupted the bootloader on your FC??

Are you using the PIXHARK 6C MINI?

No, I don’t have a corrupted bootloader.

im not using holybro hardware, but i don’t see any scope for you for access the DFU mode if your fc it’s working properly