Pixhawk 4 Companion Computer connection

Hey guys,
Im curious about the connection to the pixhawk 4.

Currently Im working with two computers and one pixhawk 4. One computer (C1) is my ground station (with ROS and obstacle avoidance) the other computer (C2) is located in the drone (gets data and send it to the ground station). Next step is to do this with several drones and to implement a swarm flight.
My question is, is it possible to install ROS, Obstacle Avoidance etc. on C2 and let QGC belong on C1 to start a mission?

I hope you get my idea here and someone can answer my question.

Thank you and have a nice day.

I think so. Judging from what you say I guess your air computer is already connected to the Pixhawk, running ROS and MAVROS, and relaying data to your GCS. It should be straightforward to move all core guidance and control functions to the air computer. What are your concerns?