Oscillation in position mode

Hi All,

After allot off reading and testing we think its time to ask for some help regarding tuning our new Hexa heavy lift (25kg)
It’s flying well with stock PID’s in manual and stabilized. But not in position while hovering. It has an oscillation. We did test various PID’s in Rate and Velocity. But can’t seem to get rid of the oscillation while in hover. Position mode with stick input looks ok.

What is worrisome are the vibrations on the Z axis in Raw acceleration and i don’t know if this is due to the frame, PID or filter settings (dgyro ?).
We tested v1.11.3 and v1.12.2 (since v1.12.2 we also get warnings on Accel 2 clipping)
The frame has an 4mm brushless Fan for cooling the Kore carrier.

We are using Cube Blue, ProfiCnc Kore carrier board. Here2 gps. Tmotor 705-s 125kv. Tmotor prop Fa26x8.5. Alpha 80Ah Esc.

Will post a picture of the frame when i’m back in our workshop.


Let me know if i can supply more info and thanks for any help on this.