OmnibusF4 bootloader not respondingrrec

In the meantime (PX4 V1.11) many non OB F4 HW targets run perfectly with the PX4 OB F4 code, as soon as a F405 (1M flash) is installed as MCU.
The flash process then is practically no longer dependent on the hardware because the virtual USB of the MCU is used in DFU mode.
Only about the breakouts (when the codeflash was successful) you have to pay attention to the correct pinouts to the periphery e.g. GPS RC, telemetry.
One small thing to note is that QGC currently cannot flash any of the targets even the officially tested ones.
Every flash process of OB F4 must be done without QGC depending on the platform. QGC must not be open! And flashing from a virtual machine mostly does not work, because the timing of flashing is very sensitive and e.g. VM Ware / Virt Box and Parallels behave very differently.