Obstacle Distance Message

I am trying to send obstacle distance camera from a companion computer running ROS2 Humble with uXRCE-DDS bridge. I can see via ros2 topic list and ros2 topic info and ros2 topic echo /fmu/in/obstacle_distance that the data is being published, but in QGC I cannot find any indication that the obstacle distance is going through.
Not sure if my code is wrong or not
Currently using PX4_SITL x500_depth model on 1.14 branch


rclcpp::Publisher<px4_msgs::msg::ObstacleDistance>::SharedPtr distance_sensor_publisher_;
px4_msgs::msg::ObstacleDistance msg2{};

msg2.timestamp = this->get_clock()->now().nanoseconds() / 1000;
msg2.frame = 12U; //MAV_FRAME_BODY_FRD
msg2.sensor_type = 1U;
msg2.distances[0] = middleaveragedistance;
msg2.increment = 30;
msg2.min_distance = 70;
msg2.max_distance = 800;
msg2.angle_offset = 0;

Hi Did u tried implementing the code on drone?? is it working?? actually i also want to implement collision prevention sort of things on my drone using depth camera and ROS1 i need some help in sending obstacle distance message can you please help me out