Not receiving MAVlink message id Mag Cal Progress

Hello everyone,

I am currently in the process of integrating Mission Planner’s Compass Calibration feature into my custom Qt / C++ application. I have successfully initiated the compass calibration procedure by sending the MAV_CMD_DO_START_MAG_CAL command. However, despite the calibration process executing without any apparent issues, I am encountering a lack of feedback or progress reports pertaining to the compass calibration status (Not able to receive MAVLINK_MSG_ID_MAG_CAL_PROGRESS or MAVLINK_MSG_ID_MAG_CAL_REPORT.)

My objective is to dynamically visualize the progress of the compass calibration process within the user interface using a progress bar. Could you kindly advise on potential reasons for the absence of feedback or progress updates?

You could try to do it with MAVSDK but it might not be compatible with ArduPilot but only PX4.