No PX4 Console after make px4_sitl jmavsim on Windows 7

I’m a new user and I’m trying to setup my environment in order to use MAVDSK on python and jMAVSim.
I’m following the getting started guide, although I did the manual installation (as the msi installer won’t work because I don’t have admin rights).

Anyway, when I build the PX4 Firmware I don’t get what it is expected from the Getting Started guide. I get this:

$ make px4_sitl jmavsim
[0/1] cd /cygdrive/c/Users/user/Desktop/MAVSDK/Firmware/build/px4_sitl_default/tmp &&...MAVSDK/Firmware 

sitl_bin: /cygdrive/c/Users/user/Desktop/MAVSDK/Firmware/build/px4_sitl_default/bin/px4.exe
debugger: none
program: jmavsim
model: none
src_path: /cygdrive/c/Users/user/Desktop/MAVSDK/Firmware
build_path: /cygdrive/c/Users/user/Desktop/MAVSDK/Firmware/build/px4_sitl_default
empty model, setting iris as default
SITL COMMAND: "/cygdrive/c/Users/user/Desktop/MAVSDK/Firmware/build/px4_sitl_default/bin/px4.exe" 

"/cygdrive/c/Users/user/Desktop/MAVSDK/Firmware"/ROMFS/px4fmu_common -s etc/
init.d-posix/rcS -t "/cygdrive/c/Users/user/Desktop/MAVSDK/Firmware"/test_data
INFO  [px4] Creating symlink /cygdrive/c/Users/user/Desktop/MAVSDK/Firmware/ROMFS/px4fmu_common -> 


______  __   __    ___
| ___ \ \ \ / /   /   |
| |_/ /  \ V /   / /| |
|  __/   /   \  / /_| |
| |     / /^\ \ \___  |
\_|     \/   \/     |_/

px4 starting.

INFO  [px4] Calling startup script: /bin/sh etc/init.d-posix/rcS 0
INFO  [param] selected parameter default file eeprom/parameters_10016
[param] Loaded: eeprom/parameters_10016
INFO  [dataman] Unknown restart, data manager file './dataman' size is 11798680 bytes
INFO  [simulator] Waiting for simulator to accept connection on TCP port 4560
Buildfile: C:\Users\user\Desktop\MAVSDK\Firmware\Tools\jMAVSim\build.xml





Total time: 0 seconds
Options parsed, starting Sim.
Starting GUI...
3D [dev] 1.6.0-pre12-daily-experimental daily

INFO  [simulator] Simulator connected on TCP port 4560.
Init MAVLink
INFO  [commander] LED: open /dev/led0 failed (22)
INFO  [init] Mixer: etc/mixers/quad_w.main.mix on /dev/pwm_output0
INFO  [mavlink] mode: Normal, data rate: 4000000 B/s on udp port 18570 remote port 14550
INFO  [mavlink] mode: Onboard, data rate: 4000000 B/s on udp port 14580 remote port 14540
INFO  [ecl/EKF] 1908000: EKF aligned, (baro height, IMU buf: 22, OBS buf: 14)
INFO  [ecl/EKF] 1908000: reset position to last known position
INFO  [ecl/EKF] 1908000: reset velocity to zero
INFO  [logger] logger started (mode=all)
INFO  [logger] Start file log (type: full)
INFO  [logger] Opened full log file: ./log/2020-03-04/12_21_45.ulg
INFO  [mavlink] MAVLink only on localhost (set param MAV_BROADCAST = 1 to enable network)

At this point I don’t think I know what to do next. Can any of you experts on this topic help me out?
Thank you in advance.

The output looks ok, don’t you get a jmavsim simulator window? What happens if you press Enter multiple times in that terminal?