No information from MB1043 with ROS Jade

Hello everyone,

I am trying to use the MB1043 Ultrasonic sensor shipped together with the PX4Flow.

After soldering the TTL jumper on the back of the Sonar sensor we attached it to the PX4Flow board using the 5 pins. The PX4Flow is connected to an AscTec Pelicn via USB. We are trying to run the px-ros-pck ROS package under Jade.

Thus far, we have managed to get optical flow data and video but no height information form the ultrasound sensor. In the attached picture one can see that we get a height of -0.0.

Did any of you encounter any similar issues, and if so did you find any solutions?

Any information is greatly appreciated. Thank you

Good afternoon,
I have a similar problem, did you get a solution for this?