No firmware upgrade?

I have a Pixhawk 1 in a standard configuration electric airplane. When I load Mission Planner or QGroundControl, I get a message stating that there is a new firmware V4.3.1 available to update my firmware V4.3.0 currently on the Pixhawk. And this apparently is the case: ArduPilot firmware : /Plane/stable-4.3.1. However, when I try to install the new version, neither Mission Planner nor QGC can locate the new version to download. I was hoping that the new version might cure my problem of not being able to arm my motor. Everything else seems ok, except for the inability to calibrate the motor ESC in MP or QGC. The motor runs fine in PWM mode, but it will not run in PPM mode, though all the other control surfaces work fine in PPM. Suggestions are welcome. Thanks.