New Version of swarm flight system with Pixhawk

Hi, all

I have improved the swarm flight system. The system updated Pixhawk hardware from Pixhawk 1 to Pixhawk 2.1. It is very stable and flexible. I think that the Pixhawk 2.1 is more robust.

It used RTK-GPS sensor for position estimation.

The video shows the new scenario with Korean song. For that, I used 30 drones which I have. Next step, I will make the more drones and show the new scenario.

Thanks in advance

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SungTae Moon



Good luck.

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So cool! What datalinks are you using?

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This is amazing !!! can any one teach me on how to do this please :slight_smile:

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Hope to see it next time. Great job!

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Really cool! What communication to the copters do you use?

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Thank you very much…

I just use WiFi :slight_smile:

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Thank you very much… I just use WiFi… :slight_smile:

Thank you very much !!

all this swarm system build by yourself using the Pixhawk 2.1?

Yes, I developed this system by myself. However, the drone for the swarm flight was designed by colleague.

Great work !! Do you implement it on ROS? What single computer do you install on drone or just pixhawk 2.1?

你好 我想问下你这个集群飞行系统可以出售么

现在市场上的集群飞行系统 - 杭州若联有在卖

Good Job, Sung!

And we are also providing swarm solution and product, which is ‘SwarmLink’ from RobSense, I hope to have the opportunity to cooperate and contribute to your work.


Thank you so much :slight_smile:
Swarm Link is attractive enough for me.


Would like to get more details about UAV Swarm performance using Wi-Fi, if any one can please share some good links and details.

Also, need to know what are the other flight controllers which can be used in place of Pixhawk series.

Additionally, some details of SLAM technology is required to be shared.

Please help out.

Thank you.

Hey can you dicuss hardwares of this drones i want to work on drones swarming can you any type of help?

Very impressive SungTae. We have a project requiring swarm flight system. Any recommendations on hardware, software to review? Any simulation software out there you would recommend? Thanks for your time. Regards, Mario