Need help with using the iris_depth_camera

I want to use the iris_depth_camera model instead of the normal iris model, but cant find out how. I’ve been looking into the xacro files under rotors_description/urdf, and found out where the stl is loaded, but the iris_depth_camera model isn’t loaded in with a stl/dae file but with a sdf that refers to the depth_camera model and iris model.

Thanks in advance!


I have kinda the same problem, but i want to add a lidar to my current model.

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@VicSegers @borcherd Since the depth camera plugin has dependency to ROS, you need to spawn the vehicle using ROS.

The way I spawn in the drone now, is that I roslaunch the launchfile I created, which uses the world file and spawns in one iris drone. The iris drone is called from rotors_description which contains the component_snippet.xacro, iris_base.xacro, iris.xacro and multirotor_base.xarco. I just wanna make it modular so I can pick which sensor I wanna add programatically.

@borcherd Why are you not using iris_depth_camera model?

@Jaeyoung-Lim Cause I don’t know how, the way the drone spawns in now is by calling the meshes from the rotors description if I’m correct.

You can just change the vehicle name to iris_depth_camera in your launchfile. You can look at PX4/avoidance for reference

@Jaeyoung-Lim Thanks I fixed it by using the single_vehicle_launch_sdf.launch instead of single_vehicle_launch.launch