Need help with pixhawk cube

hello im new to the community, I have two builds i need help with. I’m using opto esc’s and can’t get power to the out rail or auxillary. I’v tried isolated batteries, (Lipo 3s that puts out 5v) and I can’t get power to the signal rail for the esc, even when i try my esc’s with 5v bec. I can’t get power to the rails (does the rail getting power have to be jummped to the signal rail to get signal to the opto? if so how i need a picture, I looked at tons of youtube vids, and even found diagrams that I followed with no success.) Also how do I get the pixhawk to communicate through the rail? I think what I’m not understanding is, not only how the rails get powered, but how power the signal rail (jumper or zener diod) . I also need to know how the signals for my esc’s are read and translated to my reciever. (is it once the rail is powered it communicates with the reciever?) I’ve tested the power systems and they are all good. I’m putting together a
jmmrc x 1000 spray drone:
60amp Xrotor esc x4
200amp jmrrc pdb x1 (all XT60’s 6s with XT90 for power plug)
pixhawk pmu x1 (plugged in to axillary XT60)
DJI pmu x1 (plugged into pixhawk pmu)
(this is so i can swith between DJI FC or pixhawk, PS naza-M working but not with windows 10 can’t find windows 7 iso)
Frsky X8R reciever x1 ( Binds and sets up in mission planner ect.)