Mrobotics CAN Airspeed Sensor settings in v1.13

I’m not able to set up/read the mrobotics CAN airspeed sensor (mRo High Precision CAN Airspeed Sensor DLVR) after upgrading to px4 v1.13.0 stable (or main branch). Previously worked on the same Pixhawk4 unit with v1.11 firmware, with UAVCAN_ENABLE set to 2 (automatic config). With same settings in v1.13, no joy. I tried also enabling the UAVCAN_SUB_ASPD, but did not work either. Also tried on a Pixhawk 6X, with same results.

Is this sensor supported and is there any guidance/documentation on what parameter settings to enable it? Thank you much.

Turns out I had to set the following parameters:

This worked on a Pixhawk 6X (mini) with v1.13 beta / main today. The sensor is not an airspeed computer, only measures differential pressure, so need to subscribe to those messages (DPRES) and not airspeed.