mRo u-Blox ZED-F9 and mRo KitCAN M10025

what do you think of these cards? are they compatible with the cube?

  1. mRo u-Blox ZED-F9 RTK L1 / L2 GPS
  2. mRo Location One GPS
  3. mRo KitCAN M10025

Good day, KitCAN and LocationOne Gps are both CAN BUS modules, both boards perform well.
The rm3100 compass is really low mag field.
mRo u-Blox ZED-F9 RTK L1 / L2 GPS don’t have compass on the board… but if you will wire it on the kitcan seems to have a LocationOne.
On ardupilot firmware all the boards are fully compatibles, on px4 firmware the uavcan periph will be supported with the last release. Me im using all the boards in different platforms with great results during the fly.

why mRo u-Blox ZED-F9 RTK L1 / L2 GPS is it much more expensive?