Mission files cannot be sent over serial

Good afternoon ,
Hopefully you guys can help me a bit with this problem:)
In my Android app, I am using the mavsdk command to upload a mission file (for example a .plan file that is being stored inside my app as a json file).
This command is working perfectly well (the mission file is being uploaded to the drone successfully) when I am connecting my telemetry radio to my laptop and using the mavsdkserver version that I am running from command line (using this command: mavsdk_server_win32.exe serial://COM14:115200) and telling my Android app that mavsdkserver is at the IP address of my laptop.
But then the exact same command and the exact same code is not working (upload failed - the drone does not successfully receive the mission file) when I am connecting my telemetry radio to my Android tablet instead of my laptop and using the mavsdkserver versionn that is provided by mavsdk in the Android app (in the gradle files, as io.mavsdk:mavsdk-server:1.1.1).
Do you have any idea what is causing the problem here? Is the version of mavsdkserver used by Android app’s different than mavsdk_server_win32.exe? Does the mavsdkserver version for Android not yet support uploading mission files?