Minimal configuration

Dear all,

I want to run the autopilot with the least possible number of software components (module, driver, etc). Does anyone know the minimal configuration?


In theory you can disable almost everything, but in practice “minimal” depends on what you’re trying to achieve. So without further context not a question I can really answer.

Thanks for the answer.

I want to be able to fly a very simple mission (in HITL) automatically. For example:
a) take off
b) fly to point B

To disable things is it enough to comment out the modules in the corresponding cmake file (e.g. nuttx_pxrfmu-v2_defualt.cmake)?

What you describe is a fully autonomous use case. By nature that implies that you need almost all software (since full autonomy is the most complex case).

Could you describe why you are trying to disable stuff?

What I’m trying to do is some kind of static-analysis/verification.
For that, I need a minimal and yet realistic configuration.